Sign up for Transportation Advocacy Day in Olympia February 12

The road to increasing safe and inviting cycling for every person in Washington State goes through Olympia. That’s why you should join an ever-growing crew of advocates and regular old citizens for Transportation Advocacy Day February 12.

Go meet with lawmakers and tell them how important it is to your life and the lives or your friends and family that Washington make smart choices by supporting legislation aimed at improving walking, biking and transit.

We’ll have a roundup of this year’s bike bills crawling through the Olympia legislature soon. But for now, go register! It’s free.

More details (and a funny cartoon) from the Bicycle Alliance of Washington:

Last year’s record turnout of over two hundred dedicated advocates for biking, walking, transit, and rail provided a critical voice to help us advance an agenda that led to increased state funding for Safe Routes to Schools and more flexible design standards for cities and towns as they work to grow bicycling and make it safer.

This year we want to make Transportation Advocacy Day 2013 bigger because bigger means more stories, more voices, and more testimony to grow bicycling statewide, to make it safer for kids to walk and bike, and to create great neighborhoods across Washington.

No matter how many white papers, statistics, and reports we reference to promote our policies to legislators, invariably, it’s the story that matters most. Your voice is critical in making the case for:

  • why kids need sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes to safely get to school – while saving our state money with reduced busing costs
  • safer neighborhood streets for children, elderly, and everyone else to live, work, and play
  • more recreational opportunities for bicyclists that lead to more money spent in cities and towns across the state

Transportation Advocacy Day is your opportunity in 2013 to connect with fellow advocates from across the state and to meet with your elected officials in Olympia on the issues we care about. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

To register, visit Transportation Choices Coalition’s RSVP page. There are many transportation options to get to Olympia, including Zipcar and rail. During the sign-up process, we’ll work to help your travel go as smooth as possible. Also, the entire day (food, scheduling, great workshops) is free!

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