Seattle Neighborhood Greenways wins Sustainable Seattle award

From the SNG Facebook page

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, the parent group for the citywide network of semi-autonomous groups that have formed all across the city in the past year or so, has won a Sustainable Seattle award.

The group was honored for its leadership in creating “Human & Livable Communities.” Indeed!

Of all the things SNG leaders have accomplished since launching not so long ago (can you believe we wrote this series only a year and a half ago?), the most powerful result has been simply empowering residents in homes all over the city to retake control of their often dangerous local streets. It’s a simple idea that spread like wildfire: Hey, maybe I don’t need to live in fear of the street in front of my house! And maybe my child should be able to walk or bike two school without danger. And maybe the retirement center should have safer access to the grocery store. And… and… and… and…

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