Bike News Roundup: Sh’Bang! ByCycle

It’s time for the weekly Bike News Roundup. This is an open thread.

First up, the folks from America ByCycle are touring down the coast making videos of their adventures. I met with them while they were in Seattle a few weeks ago, and they are great people. Unbeknownst to me, just days earlier they were up in Bellingham partying with some former housemates of mine (Hi, Bootstrap!):

Coast Protocol Episode 3: Starting Off With a Sh’Bang! from America ByCycle on Vimeo.

Pacific Northwest News:

Halftime show! This video is mostly about the simulator, but one interesting fact stood out to me: Children delay in initiating a crossing more than adults. So both adults and children identify the same size gaps in cross-traffic, but kids take longer to decide to actually start crossing (making the crossing more dangerous).

National & Global News:

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5 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Sh’Bang! ByCycle

  1. Jeremy says:

    “Can you think of any dangerous channelized right turn lanes in Seattle?”

    Well, they’re getting rid of a (low traffic?) one at Fairview Ave just off Eastlake by increasing the turn angle for cars. North end of the University Bridge is still a mess (maybe a curb bulb to cut the car attack speed on the first turn off Northbound, cut away the curb for easier bicycle sidewalk to bridge bicycle lane access Southbound?).

  2. Davey Oil says:

    The Cyclehatred twitter feed is making me sad.

    I’m sure that it can be hard for you Tom, to be a journalist and sometimes have to dig deep into painful or discouraging news in order to bring it to us. Thanks for doing that. Imagine if Cyclehatred was your project? Ugg, secondary trauma through tweets!

    If anyone knows Cyclehatred in real life, don’t forget to hug them and see if they need any support after seeking out andexposing all this toxic waste.

    Read at your own risk.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I know! I took a cursory look, got the idea, then added it to the roundup because it’s an interesting project. Maybe the person behind the account gets satisfaction from exposing people’s ignorance (instead of simply letting it fester). But yeah, also a bummer task.

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