Different Office stops by downtown’s ‘holistic bicycle studio’ Mobius Cycle

Infinite Loop of Care and Connection – Different Office from Bas de Baar on Vimeo.

Downtown’s Mobius Cycle not only fosters a unique environment for customers looking for the perfect ride, but it has also helped create three floors of community work space in a building at 1st and Spring.

Lori Kane of Different Office stopped by the shop for a chat with Mobius owner Niki recently. Different Office is a project exploring unique working environments around town (we previously highlighted their trip to Haulin’ Colin’s Georgetown shop), and Mobius definitely fits the bill.

From Different Office:

Lori: So, my next question is what work is done here? What work do you do here, in this space?

Niki: Holistic care for folks, through bicycles.

Because, I mean, I originally wanted to be a surgeon. But then I realized that emergency medicine wasn’t teaching people how to live differently. You’re not giving them skills, and so then I thought about massage therapy for a while. But then I realized that I personally needed a little bit more of a separator.

Well, I kind of realized that I needed a little bit more separation, just emotionally, for my own boundaries. Because that’s a really exhausting career. But what I ended up realizing, when I sat down in my middle twenties, is I thought about “Ok, so what does all the stuff I like to do have in common?” And the only thing I ever came up with was bicycles. Because I’d ridden them since I was 3 or 4 years old, I never stopped. My mom never. We owned a car but we road bikes like 20 miles in a day on a day off. Just kind of got around that way. They’d always been such a big part of my life. My first bike was custom. She went to the junk yard, got a bunch of stuff, repainted it, painted “Niki Snooper” on it because she’s an artist, and a dancing Woodstock on the headbadge. And so it was like “What am I missing in my life that I really need?” And it’s bikes. Whatever it is, it has to be about bikes.

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1 Response to Different Office stops by downtown’s ‘holistic bicycle studio’ Mobius Cycle

  1. daniel says:

    Niki and Mobius are simply the BEST!

    She is able to match riders with bikes in a way that no other shop in town can. Because Niki cares about how satisfying a riders life is she makes sure that the bicycle is at their foundation and supports them every day in their car-free lifestyle.

    On top of that Niki is one of the best mechanics that I have met. If you are looking for the best wheel set you wil EVER own Mobius is the place to go.

    Every bike that leaves her shop is not only the best it can be but is also a work of art!


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