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Bike-loving brewery opening soon in Ballard

Working on their space in Ballard. Image from the Peddler Brewing Facebook Page.

Bikes and beer have been together since, well, since bikes were invented. I once started counting the number of bars and breweries that have some kind of prominent bike decor. I’ve since realized that it’s easier to just count the ones that don’t.

Well, Ballard’s newest brewery loves bikes even more than your typical beer company. Peddler Brewing Company is renovating the old Maritime Pacific Brewery on Leary Way just west of the Ballard Bridge, My Ballard reports.

And, as the name suggests, bikes are a key part of their mission:

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Peddler Brewing Co. is (soon to be) a brewery and tasting room located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. We support bicycling and beer. When we open our doors in a few months, ride on over to our brewery to buy some beer to go or enjoy a drink in our tasting room. We are currently setting up the brewery and we’ll keep you updated!

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11 responses to “Bike-loving brewery opening soon in Ballard”

  1. jb

    I’m all for a new (bike-friendly) brewery, however…

    peddler (noun)
    1. a person who sells from door to door or in the street.
    2. a person who tries to promote some cause, candidate, viewpoint, etc.

    pedaler (noun)
    a person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle)

    1. dude

      1. You have too much time on your hands and are a grammar troll.

      2. Did you ever think it could be a play on words?

      1. bg

        1. It’s not really “trolling” to (accurately) point out that “…as the name suggests, bikes are a key part of their mission” isn’t true due to the use of “peddle” instead of “pedal”

        2. Since the way the homonym is used doesn’t really make sense in written form, it comes across as an ignorant spelling mistake rather than a play on words. It might work as a play on words for this business (i.e. both mobile sales & beer-related), but for a static location it just seems like somebody illiterate picked the name

    2. bg

      …and Peddler for a bike-enthused brewery promoting both doesn’t seem clever…?

      1. Sarah

        Pedaler has the bike-y connotations. Unfortunately, naming the brewery after a door-to-door salesman (peddler) has the negative connotation of cheap and shoddy goods.

        I’m sure the brewery would rather not have cheap and shoddy associated with their beer.

  2. Matthew

    Great to hear there’s another local business opening in the neighborhood. Good luck to them.

    From a cycling standpoint, though, it’s too bad that they’re opening at the intersection of possibly the two least bike-friendly streets in the entire Ballard area (Leary and 15th Ave NW). That area is tough enough for biking while completely sober, let alone in the dark after a pint or two. There might be some creative ways to get there via alleyways and parking lots. I’ll have to scope it out a little more.

    1. Yeah… it’s too bad that in the US not only are almost all businesses located on arterial roads, but we have zoning laws mandate this insanity.

      1. Matthew

        I’ll be honest, I can’t tell if you’re being snarky or if you’re actually agreeing with me.

        There are a number of breweries in the area already: Reuben’s, NW Peaks, Maritime Pacific, Hilliards, Hale’s, probably one or two more I’m forgetting. Of those, only Hale’s is located on an arterial — but it also happens to be adjacent to the Burke-Gilman. All I was trying to say is that it’s going to end up being easier to bike to those places than to this new, bike-themed brewery.

        But maybe this new place will take off, attract a lot of cyclists, and have the effect of making Leary and 15th Ave NW safer for all road users.

    2. Law Abider

      17th Ave NW, one block to the West, is a decent road to bike north and south on. Crossing Leary on 15th, you either have the option to go up to the Ballard Bridge or down to Shilshole Ave/45th St (AKA the missing link), which takes you to the Burke-Gilman Trail. So it’s one of those cases where, yes the roads immediately in front aren’t great for biking, but it’s a case of “last few blocks syndrome”.

  3. […] folks at Peddler Brewing Company (see our previous post) are working to get the bike-loving brewery up and running, and they need your help to make some of […]

  4. Josh

    I think it’s a clever name. Although, there was a great cafe named Peddlers which was near Green Lake back in the day. They had a similar theme.

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