The top cycling city in Washington is actually east of the Cascades

When you first think of cycling cities in the US, you might think of Portland, Minneapolis or Seattle. But some of the top cycling cities are smaller communities with colleges: Like Davis, California and Ellensburg, Washington.

As the good folks at the Mountains to Sound Greenway point out in a recent blog post, Ellensburg’s biking and walking rates beat the pants off it’s much larger neighbor on the far side of the Cascades.

From MTS Greenway:

Did that headline come as a surprise to you? The findings certainly surprised me. Seattle consistently earns accolades nationally for walking and biking such as Walkscore’s 6th most walkable large city, Walkscore’s 7th most bikable, and Bicycle Magazine’s 10th. However, at least in terms of U.S. Census commuting to work statistics, Ellensburg beats walking pants and cycling shorts off Seattle:

  • The top three communities for walking to work are Ellensburg (17%), Roslyn (12%), and Cle Elum (11%). Way to go Kittitas!
  • The top three cities for biking to work are Ellensburg (7%), Seattle (3%), and Redmond (1%).

This only tells part of the story however, as commuting to work only makes up a small part of our daily travel. People who walk and bike to do errands, go the park, visit neighbors, etc are not counted in these commuting statistics.

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  1. Gordon Padelford says:

    Just to clarify, I only looked at the 28 municipalities with the Mountains to Sound Greenway (map: There may well be other cities in WA with higher walk/bike commute rates. Your point about not overlooking smaller communities when we talk about biking/walking is dead on. Cheers

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