Bike News Roundup: Video of a HUGE Bike to School Day ride in NE Seattle

It’s time for the weekly Bike News Roundup! As always, this is an open thread.

First up, a video from Bryant Elementary’s HUGE Bike to School Day ride.

Pacific Northwest News:

National & Global News:

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1 Response to Bike News Roundup: Video of a HUGE Bike to School Day ride in NE Seattle

  1. merlin says:

    Lots of good stuff, thanks Tom! Some thoughts: on the similar issues of marked crosswalks and sharrows, and perhaps also shared-use (bike and pedestrian) paths: special signs and markings do imply that those are special places where 1. it’s OK for people on foot to cross the street; 2. it’s OK for people to ride bikes in the road; 3. people on bikes need to be polite to people on foot. Implying: elsewhere, nobody should cross the street, nobody should ride a bike, nobody needs to be polite. My unscientific observation is that people who drive cars are usually willing to stop for pedestrians, as long as they are not driving more than about 25 mph; people in cars are willing to be considerate of people on bikes, as long as nobody is going more than about 25 mph; and people on bikes who are riding really fast often think the rules about being polite don’t apply to them. Signs should be general: “DRIVERS!! Remember people on foot have the right of way at ALL intersections!! Let them cross!” “DRIVERS!! Bikes can ride on ALL roads, YOU need to give them room!” “BIKE RIDERS and WALKERS: ALL sidewalks in Seattle are shared-use paths. RIDE SLOW, pay attention!”

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