Sick Day Cinema: REI on cycling in Seattle

It’s a sick day here at Seattle Bike Blog HQ, which is a huge bummer for this editor who has a ticket to see Jeff Mangum tonight at the Moore. I suppose I can wait 12 more years to see him play :-(

But have no fear, loyal readers, ’cause we’ve got an interesting video for you today. It comes from REI, and is all about everyday biking in Seattle:


(h/t Bike Hugger)

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15 Responses to Sick Day Cinema: REI on cycling in Seattle

  1. Devin says:

    drag yourself there! :) I bet that ticket was hard to get/pretty pricey.

    Music over health, am I right?

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I’m gonna rock the haz mat suit. Try to pass it off as a shocking style choice rather than a disease containment system…

      • Devin says:

        Hahaha, perfect!

        It’s definitely been going around. I was absolutely dead (along with my entire apartment building) two weeks ago. Maybe you won’t be the only one.

        Oh also, this video makes Seattle look so beautiful. I love seeing routes that I take. I’ve been on almost all of those roads! It just makes me wonder, what the hell can we do to make Pioneer Square a successful neighborhood? It’s gorgeous, but I think we are all guilty of forgetting about our city’s first neighborhood.

      • Gary says:

        Yeah my boss was out for three days last week. Dead as a zombie. Here’s hoping I don’t get this… and that you feel better soon.

  2. Gary says:

    Nice video. Doesn’t really show what it’s like to ride around here but not bad. has a video that’s closer to what my commute ride looks like… wet… in traffic.. dodging pedestrians, a hill climb etc.

  3. Susan says:

    Hm, I definitely worry about parking when I’m on my bike.

  4. mike archambault says:

    Cool video and well shot, but it only features white people…

    • Becky Edmonds says:

      That was what stood out to me, too.

      • Becky Edmonds says:

        Although, unfortunately cycling, especially in Seattle, seems to be a white-man thing (both in terms of perception and in terms of actual mode split).

  5. Nick says:

    Some interesting, and well timed edits. Opening with pulling away from the gas tanker truck framed by the bike wheel, as example. Otherwise, it looks like we all ride through cobblestones and old redbrick buildings–is that a nod to old timeiness or trying to make Seattle Portland cool? Most lacking are the other cyclists these three would typically encounter during their commute. At least it would help reinforce the point of the numbers riding bikes.

    • Gary says:

      I hit cobblestones in the oddest of places. Of course climbing out of the Market on Blanchard. But also E. Pine has cobblestones between 18th and 19th.

      And then there are these brick buildings all around Capitol Hill. ..

      And I do in fact ride through Pioneer Sq on my way home unless there is a sports event blocking all the traffic.

  6. jeanette says:

    i love that the shot at the end where they’re walking into a restaurant is one of my favorite spots – Delicatus on 1st and yesler – it actually is a perfect spot for a post ride sandwich and beer.

  7. 27 year old Ross rider says:

    Yes, the film does selectively choose images of riding along brick streets on clear sunny days… but that’s the point. That opening shot is the West Seattle low bridge part of my bike commute route and that rare early morning sun is glorious, but for the drivers on the high bridge it’s a nuisance that has them reaching for their visors and brake pedals.

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