Seattle’s Bill Nye the Science Guy: The city of the future will be built around bikes

I love this. So much awesome stuff from Seattle’s greatest youth science entertainer.

Bill Nye the Science Guy envisions bicycle arterials all over the city, with showers in workplaces and lots of places to lock your bike securely. Hey, Seattle’s already got some of those!

And in his dream world, those bike arterials would be covered by a roof to make the cycling experience independent of the weather. That might seem excessive and expensive, but do you know how expensive roads are? Bill does, and he thinks bikeways are a better investment.

“You could do that, if you’re committed,” he said. “And you start to see that in places like Portland, Oregon, and Seattle.”

Funny, I would have assumed Bill Nye’s city of the future would have been designed for speed walkers…

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9 Responses to Seattle’s Bill Nye the Science Guy: The city of the future will be built around bikes

  1. Eli says:

    Bill needs to see Bob Edmiston’s e-bike. He’s already done on his own, no special infrastructure needed. ;-)

  2. chris says:

    “youth science entertainer” is a bit belittling. sure, he did have that show, but he also has done many other great things.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      It was supposed to be a joke. I agree, he’s done far more than simply being a youth science entertainer from Seattle.

  3. Ted Quanstrom says:

    This is awesome. I never realized Bill was from Seattle. I watched his sweet show when I was a nerdy kid in the midwest and here I am now, a nerdy twenty something who bikes to work and all over in Seattle. Good insights about bikeways, Bill Nye!

  4. Gary says:

    There are some segments in his show where Bill rides his bicycle around. He’s a pretty forward thinking guy.

  5. debbifuco says:

    I didn’t know Bill Nye was from Seattle!

    Seattle + Bill Nye the Science Guy + Bikes = The city of the future, a winning combination!

  6. Sarah says:

    Bill created a pedal lift system for his (ex) girlfriend to compensate for her leg length discrepancy. He’s always been involved in bikes.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, and all you kids who didn’t know Bill was from Seattle, be sure to check out “Almost Live”.

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