Menstrual Monday visits the Bikery

For a short follow-up to our post earlier this week, Monica — a leading force behind the monthly ladies bike ride Menstrual Monday —went to the Bikery and wrote about her experience at the non-profit shop:

They also have  a great work exchange program where every hour of volunteering gets you $5 in Bikery bucks. This can also be used on their ridiculous collection of parts sold at low not-for-profit prices. Short of frame repair, I can’t image anything that couldn’t be done here.  The mechanics will give you the guidance you need, but make no mistake you will be the one doing the work. Their goal is not to fix bikes, but to empower people to fix their own bikes. While they do have some sweet bikes for sale, it is only to help fund this great space; this is not a traditional bike shop.

To help keep The Bikery as diverse as possible, they are especially looking for more female volunteers. It’s a great way to meet awesome people, give back to the community, and gain more knowledge yourself. They have a variety of needs from working a shift (just three hours a week), to participating in work parties, promotions, or fund-raising. Dont think you don’t have enough knowledge to help! Bex stated when she started volunteering she barely knew how to change a tire. Even someone to just say hi and give a welcoming smile is important.

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The Bikery is open Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 14th and Main. If you’ve never been (or if its been a while), stop by the shop to do some wrenching or buy some of their super affordable parts and accessories.

Menstrual Monday rides meet at the Seattle Center fountain the first Monday of every month.


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5 Responses to Menstrual Monday visits the Bikery

  1. Just a biking guy... says:

    So when are the Testosterone Tuesday rides to the Red Hook brewery going to start up?

  2. A nut on a bicycle... says:

    Hey! What about schizophrenic Saturday rides to Harborview?

    • Crazy dude says:

      Those got dropped in favor of Wacko Wednesday rides to Bartells at Westlake. We meet up under the freeway down in SODO.

  3. Soyoung says:

    Hey Tom, thanks for the mention! The MM-ers pretty stoked about the ride!

    Ps, first timers, don’t be scared by the name. You don’t have to be menstruating to ride :) All ladies are welcome, and we don’t drop any one. Bonus – it’s super fun!

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