Learn to make crafty holiday gifts out of bike tubes at Alchemy Goods

Image from Hub & Bespoke

Alchemy Goods and Hub & Bespoke (a SBB sponsor) are hosting an awesome-sounding party tonight (December 6) from 6-9 p.m. Learn how you can turn your used inner tubes into crafty holiday gifts with the help of a pioneering bike tube fashion company.

From Hub & Bespoke:

Have you ever received a gift made by the person who gave it to you? If so, it probably made you feel pretty special knowing someone took time to craft something just for you. Well, here’s a chance to give that same great feeling to people on your holiday gift list.

Hub and Bespoke and Alchemy Goods invite you to join us for a re-craft session, where you can create jewelry, ornaments, picture frames, smart phone stands, and anything else you can dream up, out of wonderfully reusable bicycle innertubes.

Not sure what to make? That’s okay; we’ll have samples of previously re-crafted gift items on hand to inspire you, as well as a room full of fellow holiday elves with whom you can share ideas. Alchemy Goods will supply the tubes and the workshop, while Hub and Bespoke will provide refreshments (to get those creative juices flowing). All you have to bring are your imagination, a friend or three, and any tools or supplies you might want for ornamenting and the like (think jewelry beads, rings, rubber stamps, etc.).

Details: Tuesday, December 6th, 6-9 p.m. at 1723 1st Ave South. No admission fee. Happy holidays!

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2 Responses to Learn to make crafty holiday gifts out of bike tubes at Alchemy Goods

  1. Gary says:

    Well they teach us to make that cool inner tube armor you posted in the last digest?

  2. Stephen Tran says:

    I have done similar to this on my bicycle computer, but used zip ties instead. Inner tubing is agree great to recycle, I have also use it along with what you have listed to keep my shed door open when it’s windy and I’m getting my bike out, I’ll just wedge it under the door and the door stays.

    I have also wrapped some around my shower head to replace a broken washer and then keep it in place. (best thing about that one is that you have extra grip when you have wet hands)

    And finally the price for handle bar wraps is ridiculous, instead I have wrapped inner tube around to give grip on the bar.

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