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A friendly Thanksgiving weekend road safety reminder…

Wednesday afternoon on the Burke-Gilman near 36th and Pacific

Have fun this weekend, but be safe out there! The Wednesday before Thanksgiving may be the biggest drunk driving night of the year.

Judging by the looks of the this photo sent in from Geoff in Wallingford, I’d say somebody got an early start this afternoon. (Note: I do not know the circumstances of the wreck above or whether it was alcohol related. I will update when I find out more details).

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12 responses to “A friendly Thanksgiving weekend road safety reminder…”

  1. […] over at Seattle Bike Blog posted a pic of an accident that happened on the Burke Gilman Trail this afternoon. The photo was […]

  2. Brian M

    I rode by this scene this afternoon. Oddly enough, the driver was no where in sight (i.e. in the back of the cop car). Above .10? Maybe.

  3. Be doubly careful if you motor. Speed DOES kill sometimes.

  4. VeloBusdriver

    This type of crash could have been a medical emergency. One of our buses was slammed into by a driver who had a seizure. The scene looked like the guy was drunk until folks realized he was non-responsive. A good reminder to not rush to judgement, even though odds are that Tom’s assessment is spot on.

  5. rtk

    Not a big fan of that intersection, but never expected anything quite like that. Thankfully, nice a dry on Thanksgiving morning. It was a great time to ride, almost like a ghost town out there early in the morning.

  6. Gary

    Is this the corner where the photo was taken?


    1. Bob

      It was on the east side of that intersection…Tom, any update on what exactly happened? A friend of mine lives at Corliss and Pacific and was giving me the play-by-play as it was happening.

      1. Tom Fucoloro

        Seattle Fire just says it was an accident. They didn’t have more details than that, and due to the holidays it’s hard to get too much from them (well, without being really annoying). Nobody was seriously hurt. If there’s more to the story, I’ll let y’all know.

    2. Gary

      Looking at the direction the car is facing (East), there is no damage on the sides of the car we can see, I’m thinking it was coming down Corliss Ave N too fast, turned to the East to avoid something? and slid sideways through the hedge, across the trail, hit the middle post in the trail and came to a stop. But of course a few more photos would show what happened. I bet the tracks are still there today.

  7. jdg

    i rode by there shortly after this, and the police where searching for three ppl.
    i told them i saw some weird ppl with cuts on their face near the freemont bridge… and they seemed to think it was not who they were looking for

    i asked another officer, and he said they had “all three people in custody”

  8. Adam

    I was the one giving Bob the play-by-play. A Kirkland cop seemed to chase/show-up on the scene immediately, then the driver fled and the Kirkland PD chased him down on foot with a German Shepard, finding the driver hiding in the blackberry bushes. Oddly enough after all this, he was put in a Bellevue PD car and driven away. Not sure what happened beforehand, but it was much more than just an accident.

    1. Tom Fucoloro

      Sounds like an X-File…

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