Riding Reporter: Ballard designer making wool cycling apparel for winter

Biking five miles to her apparel design classes at Seattle Central Community College, Katharine Andrews learned the power of wool in the the rain. So she founded Telaio, which makes stylish wool clothing for everyday cycling.

The Riding Reporter’s Anne-Marije Rook spoke to Andrews about her Ballard-based business.

From the Riding Reporter:

Telaio founder and designer Katharine Andrews started the company while working on her final project for the Apparel Design Program at Seattle Central Community College.
“I was bicycling five hilly miles to school everyday in jeans and cotton t-shirts–I’ve never been inclined towards spandex or sports gear or carrying around a change of clothes–and, though I’d be warm when I arrived, I’d soon get chilled in my slightly damp t-shirt, etc. and spend the rest of the day trying not to shiver,” Andrews recalled. “Basically, my clothes weren’t working for my life style and so I put my efforts towards designing, and making, some that did.”
Andrews said she works with wool because it’s the “original ‘performance’ fiber”.
“It’s been, quite literally, perfected by evolution on the backs of sheep and goats all over the world, for millennia. It’s insulating even when wet, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial, it wicks moisture away from the skin and towards the surface of the fabric, it’s generally water-resistant because it has natural lanolin, and modern weaving techniques have really made it non-itchy,” Andrews said. “On top of that, it’s sustainable and kind of classy, in the sense of being fine quality and classic.”

You can buy Telaio products at Hub & Bespoke (a Seattle Bike Blog sponsor) in Fremont or you can email Andrews to set up an appointment at the Telaio studio.

A Telaio hat is also part of Swift Industries’ 2011 Gifted set.

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5 Responses to Riding Reporter: Ballard designer making wool cycling apparel for winter

  1. Andres says:

    I do wish their website had prices and more pictures of their products..

  2. Anthony says:

    I wish Hub and Bespoke opened up like every other bike shop, say 10 am or maybe 9? I’ve wanted to visit, but their hours our nutso, at best. I hate to say it, but is this place a pet project of someones? I am truly curious about them, but they sure don’t make it easy.

    Thank you, Tom for featuring these small businesses. I contacted Swift about a seat bag, and even though it’s pricey I am trying line up the money. Having bike outfits around the corner from me here in Ballard sure is nice to see after years of nothing!

  3. Todd says:

    Bummer. I am allergic to wool.

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  5. Juliette says:

    Just now seeing your comment about Hub and Bespoke and our shop hours.

    No, we are not a “pet project”. We really are making an effort to serve Seattlelites who need apparel comfortable for their city commute and suitable for their city destination. Our future depends on it. Our shop hours are selected to serve the office commuter who needs to be at their desk at 9 or 10am. We are open for the lunch hour ’til 7pm most days, so someone can get here after work too. We don’t have the money yet to staff the shop longer than a single shift. Not ‘nutso’ just trying to meet the needs of a balanced life for all who work here and survive as a small business. Know what I mean?

    If you need us to be here at a time we are not normally, please contact us through our website and we’ll be happy to set-up a time.

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