Bike News Roundup: An R2D2 bike helmet

It’s the Thursday roundup of bike news from around town and around the world! As always, this is an open thread.
Maybe it’s more Cycle Geek than Cycle Chic, but this homemade R2D2 helmet is awesome. [edit: on closer inspection, this appears to be a motorcycle helmet. But you get the idea.]

The best way to make more room on the roads is to push for bike lanes.

75-year-old man with asthma is riding 75 miles on a 75-year-old bicycle to raise money for asthma research.

Tubulocity spots a butt crack cycle jersey.

A wonderful mediation by Muuqi at Life(cycles) on the similarity between choosing a camera lens and choosing a bicycle.

There is now an audio tour of the Cheshiahud Loop.

The I-90 Bridge trail is pretty awesome.

Take this survey about King County Parks.

This bicycle library is amazing. Try a bike for a day. If you don’t like it, you pay a rental fee. If you do like it and want to buy one, your rental fee goes toward the cost. Better than a three-minute spin around the parking lot of a bike shop.

On bike lanes and gentrification in DC.

The English bicycle economy is absolutely booming, even during the recession.

Amid police crackdowns on people bicycling in NYC, a new breed of bike lawyer has popped up.

The city has broken ground on the W Thomas St Overpass (see our recent post on the project).

Car-free suburbs (they exist).

A man sick of people speeding down his UK street builds a birdhouse that looks like a traffic camera. The government doesn’t like it and wants to remove it, but an endangered bird has moved in. I love this story.

Speaking of local traffic calming, this sign in an Oregon town is great.

Also, did you catch this King 5 story on neighborhood-initiated traffic calming in Wallingford?

Public bike pumps are cool.

You know, sometimes it seems like drivers are more angry than usual.

But at least you don’t have to deal with this guy (unless you are reading this from Portland, in which case you do).

I am not a BMX or freestyle video junkie, but Danny Macaskill’s videos are beautiful and inspiring. Here’s his newest:

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  1. Todd Holman says:

    Forget the helmet. The chick is awesome! Ok, ok. I like her smile. Oh and the helmet compliments her nicely too.

  2. Stephen says:

    Tom… I’m guessing you meant to say “PUBLIC bike pumps are cool…”

  3. dhubbz says:

    Tom, you’re kind of a power house the way you’re cranking out content these days. Good work.

  4. Andreas says:

    “There is now an audio tour of the Cheshiahud Loop.”


    • Jeremy says:

      Well, hopefully you’d learn how to pronounce cheshiahud? (A Cheshire Worm from Herbert’s Dune?)

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