Weekend Guide: Rainier Summer Streets featuring Bike Works Block Party

This ragtag crew and I biked this machine from Beacon Hill to Bike Works HQ in Columbia City yesterday to get it ready for Saturday’s Rainier Valley Heritage Parade, which is followed by Summer Streets on Rainier Ave and a Bike Works Block Party. The Pedal-Powered Parade Float is always a crowd-pleaser. In the words of the police officer waiting by Beacon Hill station: That’s quite a rig! (or did she say wreck? Hard to tell)

Make sure you get to Columbia City Saturday. There’s all kinds of fun bike stuff happening down there. Plus, how often do you get to play in a car-free Rainier Ave? Not often enough! In addition, the street in front of Bike Works (Ferdinand) will also be closed to cars, and the good folks there will have all sorts of stuff going on. Check out this list of bike fun from Summer Streets:

Also, there is a canned food drive to benefit the Rainier Valley Food Bank. So if you want to do your own “Cranksgiving in August” on your way, you should! Event list:

Here’s the parade and Summer Streets map:

Bike Polo Expo at Westlake Saturday

Don’t forget about the Downtown Throwdown at Westlake Park from 10-5 Saturday. People will be playing bike polo to introduce more people to the game and get everyone amped for the World Championships next month.

Okay, I’m sure I’m missing some stuff. Let us know what in the comments!

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  1. Eric Shalit says:

    Is “ragtag” a euphemism for cyclists who don’t wear much spandex?

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