Bike News Roundup: ‘A citizen on a $30 bicycle is equally as important to one in a $30,000 car’

Alright, put down your work. It’s time to get lost in the Internet for a while. It’s the weekly roundup of bike news from around town and around the world. First up, a look at the incredible infrastructure in Bogota, Colombia.

Riding Bogota’s Bountiful Protected Bikeways from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

A business card that is also a bike tool. Problem is, if you make it too useful, they won’t need your bike repair services…

The Stranger’s Line Out notices a trend: Rapping on bikes.

No, seriously, emissions from motor vehicle are really toxic, and people are getting hurt. This is not something to accept as reality and ignore, it is something to address.

Okay, now for a couple really sad stories:

  • A Mississippi driver on a cell phone hits a woman riding a bike, then panics and runs her over again, stopping her car on her head. She is charged with only a misdemeanor.
  • The person who went on a June hit-and-run rampage hitting people on bicycles in San Francisco has pleaded insanity.
  • An LA father has been charged with helping his daughter cover-up a fatal hit-and-run.

Now for something completely different: A Dutch train station has installed a slide to help people get to their platform faster (and in style).

Coverage of Tour d’Izilla in Wallingford from Family Ride (Seattle’s number one news source for the under 10 racing circuit).

This graphic showing the benefits of bicycle touring for rural economies is awesome.

Carfree Day in Jakarta helps boost the city’s rising number of bike commuters.

Lights for your wheels that turn red when you slow down.

Let’s not get in the habit of striping driveways like this. Seattle Likes Bikes found this strange, confusing, non-standard driveway marking that actually extends into the bike lane, but stops at the general traffic lane.

Biking Bis rides the John Wayne Trail.

Bike sharing in Barcelona is saving lives at a rate of more than 12 per year.

Washington’s projected 2030 vehicle miles traveled forecast has dropped 21 billion miles in just three years. What does this mean? I don’t know, but let’s stop building highways and see if we can keep it going.

People getting hit by cars make up 22 percent of all trauma cases in San Francisco.

Bicycles are playing a vital role in the English riots, both for good and bad.

Bike lanes coming to 50th Ave S!

Oh, and also Renton Ave S! Good to see more projects in SE Seattle.

Forget the Vehicle License Fee, the Netherlands is considering installing meters to track how much you drive and charge you taxes accordingly. Like a taxi meter, except in your own car.

This is an open thread. What did I miss this week?

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3 Responses to Bike News Roundup: ‘A citizen on a $30 bicycle is equally as important to one in a $30,000 car’

  1. natalia says:

    *Colombia* (Columbia is the river.)

  2. Todd Holman says:

    Ha! It’s also a district where the White House is located.

  3. Adonia says:

    The ciclorutas are super neat. Here are two interesting facts about them that often get overlooked:
    1. I saw a lot of cargo bikes in Bogotá that could not fit between the bollards that divide the paths every so often. Too bad they couldn’t be a bit wider to support recyclers and people pulling mini restaurants on the backs of bikes.
    2. The Peñalosas own a concrete company, which perhaps influenced the decision to tear out a bunch of trees (deemed worthless due to being non-native species) and build the ciclorutas while Enrique was mayor. Oh snap.

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