Bike News Roundup: Nobody is going to walk .6 miles to cross the street

It’s the Thursday bike news roundup! … Wait, what’s that? It’s MONDAY!?! Oops.

Nice Ride MN: Minnesota’s Bike Share Expands from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Al-Qaeda is upset because our nation’s crumbling infrastructure leaves no good targets to destroy, reports the Onion.

Looking for love on two wheels? Hub and Bespoke is holding a Slow Ride Speed Date August 9.

Being a bicycle-friendly business pays.

Biking in New York was rose 14 percent in 2010.

The Seattle Century is tomorrow (July 30). Leaves from Magnuson Park.

Into communications and looking for a job? Cascade Bicycle Club is hiring. Apply by August 12.

People who use ZipCar in Baltimore walk, bike and take transit more than before they joined.

While the deep bore tunnel debate stumbles on, Vancouver is considering tearing down what few pieces of freeway it has.

The stop signs on the Burke-Gilman really do have everyone confused. It’s a crosswalk, so street traffic should stop for the trail, but the trail has a stop sign suggesting users should stop for street traffic. Everyone is confused, and some drivers think people on bikes are just scofflaw jerks for treating the crossing like most other crossings on the trail and not stopping. Sigh…

The Georgia mother convicted of second degree homicide by vehicle after a drunk driver struck and killed her young son while they were walking across the street has been offered a new trial. Though the bus stop she and her children disembarked at is directly across the street from their home, the closest crosswalk was .3 miles (about three city blocks) away. Nobody is going to walk .6 miles to cross the street.

It’s time for the first ever mid-roundup scary road rage mini-roundup:

  • The person who drunkenly struck the vehicle of Steven Lacey, killing him, allegedly exited his SUV and “pounded on his chest like a gorilla,” according to a witness. The incident may have started as a road rage incident between suspect Patrick Rexroat and another driver on I-405 in Kirkland.
  • A man in West Seattle pointed a loaded semi-automatic handgun at another driver near Delridge Way SW and SW Brandon St during a fit of road rage July 19. No shots were fired, and the man was arrested.
  • A person riding a bike in LA was killed when he was caught in the path of two road raging drivers. It’s eerily similar to the way Lacey died: An angry driver tries to pass another on the right in a fit of rage and hits an innocent bystander.
  • Condolences to these victims and everyone killed senselessly and unnecessarily as a result of road rage.

On the complete opposite side of transportation emotions: The SF Chronicle looks at that city’s burgeoning “slow bike” movement.

Profiles of some folks behind the Mountains-to-Sound Trail.

Levi’s has a new line of “commuter jeans” supposedly made for bike commuters. My award for best review goes to Ted Johnson at Commute By Bike.

DC’s bike share is already way beyond capacity, but has plans for a big expansion.

NY Times opinion piece looks at Dutch biking culture and how far we have to go. My favorite part: “To give a small but telling example, pointed out to me by my friend Ruth Oldenziel, an expert on the history of technology at Eindhoven University, Dutch drivers are taught that when you are about to get out of the car, you reach for the door handle with your right hand — bringing your arm across your body to the door. This forces a driver to swivel shoulders and head, so that before opening the door you can see if there is a bike coming from behind.”

New group, Beacon Bike Park, wants urban mountain bike space on Beacon Hill.

Bike Juju is not buying this crazy-looking bamboo “big wheel.”

Doctors who read the British Medical Journal say they are against mandatory helmet laws.

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