Seattle By Bike Photos: Railing full of bikes on drizzly solstice dawn

Waiting for breakfast.

Photo by vosos102 via the Seattle By Bike Flickr pool

There have been some great photos coming into the Seattle by Bike Flickr pool, but this one struck me particularly hard. It’s from the early morning finish of the Nine to Five all-night solstice scavenger hunt held by Go Means Go.

It’s fairly easy to get an awesome photo of fun bike riding in the sun, but I love the resilience that comes through in this shot. Seattle can be stunning even on a misty dawn. In the end, there is almost no point in comparing our city’s bikeability to other cities because ours is unique in so many ways. Events like Nine to Five highlight that (see this recap on the GMG blog).

We respond to the summer solstice by biking in body paint during the day, then riding all over the city from dusk until dawn. We celebrate the sun even in the mist and impenetrable cloud cover. Our city’s geography, weather and road condition don’t go out of the way to make biking easy, but we ride regardless and we love it.

Keep the photos coming. You can see more of them in the group pool. You can even join the group and add your own photos from your journeys around the city on two wheels.

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  1. Biliruben says:

    Nice shots. I love all kinds of weather, and though Seattle doesn’t have enough variety, I often cherish mornings like this.

    Too often, however, I get sucked into the meme that anything other than 75 and sunny is a bad day.

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