Bike and dine for Seattle Tilth with Spoke & Food June 28

If you would like to eat delicious food and support garden education for children in Seattle, all you have to do is ride your bike to one of 13 restaurants participating in this year’s Spoke & Food. Spread out across the city (except for south Seattle), the participating restaurants will donate 20 percent of all dinner bills collected between 5 and 10 p.m. June 28.

Participating restaurants:

  • Ballard – Snoose Junction Pizzeria
  • Capitol Hill – The Lookout
  • Greenwood – The Barking Dog Alehouse
  • Madrona – The Madrona Alehouse
  • Maple Leaf – Snappy Dragon
  • Phinney Ridge – Stumbling Goat Bistro
  • Queen Anne – Via Tribunali
  • Ravenna – Casa D’Italia
  • Roosevelt – The Scarlet Tree
  • University District – Chaco Canyon Organic Café
  • Wallingford – Julia’s
  • White Center – Proletariat Pizza
  • West Seattle – Chaco Canyon Organic Café

To get things going, Fremont’s Hub & Bespoke is holding a bicycle poetry reading called Spoke ‘n Word. Cost of admission: One poem.

More details about Spoke and Food, from organizers Garett and Heather Slettebak:

Seattle’s second annual Spoke & Food event will happen on Tuesday, June 28th. Billed as “an evening of dining and bikes”, the event will take place in 13+ different Seattle area neighborhoods. The event asks people to bicycle to (and from) one of the “host” restaurants on the night of the event. This community event was launched last year as a way to influence the culture of Seattle, to show how easy and fun bicycling to and from dinner is and to raise money for a well-deserving Seattle area non-profit. A new non-profit beneficiary is selected each year. This year’s event will benefit the Children’s Garden Education program at Seattle Tilth where as last year’s event benefited the Lettuce Link program at Solid Ground.The funds raised for the non-profit are donated directly to the non-profit by each of the “host” restaurants who have agreed to give 20% of all the diner bills collected between 5:00pm and 10:00pm on Tuesday, June 28th. In return of their gracious support, the Spoke & Food event will have only one host restaurant in each of the neighborhoods that are involved.

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5 Responses to Bike and dine for Seattle Tilth with Spoke & Food June 28

  1. Gary says:

    I ate once at Stumbling Goat. The name is cool, but the food was expensive and not exceptional. So I haven’t been back, and probably won’t be unless I read that they have a new chef and a new menu.

  2. joe says:

    Small correcton: the barking dog is in ballard, not greenwood.

  3. Anne says:

    I wish your list included the east side. Not only do bike riders live and get hungry here, we also like to donate to Lettuce Link, the Tilth, and other worthy causes….Will there be a change next year?

    • I suggested a couple of Eastside spots last year but no go. I’m sensing a “war on hungry Eastside cyclists”.

      The closest spot to me is the Madrona Ale House but none of my friends want to bike that far – wimps. Roanoke Inn on Mercer Island for next year, please…

      • Anne says:

        Excellent choice. We’re thinking of bus-commuting/biking somewhere. Guess the next best thing to do is to donate directly to Seattle Tilth this year and hope organizers expand their regional offerings next year without a war.

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