Tons of fun at the Kids Bike Swap

Taking advantage of some fantastic biking weather this weekend, I swung by the Bike Works Kids Bike Swap at Genesee Park Saturday to watch the magic happen.

The annual Kids Bike Swap is an event that helps get kids on very affordable, safe, recycled bikes as they grow. Buying bigger bikes as children grow out of their old ones can be a financial burden on a child’s parents, but having a bicycle that fits is important for fun and safe riding. Kids can bring their old bikes to trade them in exchange for credit towards a different one.

Bike Works volunteers spend months fixing up kids bikes that have been donated, traded or thrown out to make them safe and rideable again. The bikes are set up in corrals, and the kids can pick out a bike that better matches their size and character.

Seattle Children’s Hospital was there to provide free helmets, as well.

It is hard to imagine how much fun and youthful liberation the Kids Bike Swap is responsible for. The event was packed, and there were kids on test rides all over the place having a blast. Some folks from Cascade were also there showing off different family bike solutions, such as bikes fitted with Xtracycle kits and Madsen bucket bikes. Interested parents then had the chance to try the different methods for transporting kids and cargo by bike.

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  1. Ian says:

    A great idea! Looks like so much fun.

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