Alleycat Acres ride raises over $15,000

Running through pre-race instructions

People who signed up for Alleycat Acres’ Ride Hard Grow Forth fundraiser two weekends ago raised a staggering $15,142.36 for the urban farming collective. That’s 252 percent of their $6,000 goal, said Alleycat Acres‘ Sean Conroe in an email to participants.

I am excited to see what the group, which currently operated farms on Beacon Hill and in the Central District, will be able to do with their unexpected wealth. Considering their $6,000 goal was larger than their 2010 budget, I’d say those farms are going to get decked out. Diamond-encrusted pitchforks, gold-plated sawdust for the compost piles …

Congratulations to Sean and everyone who helped make the ride a success!

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