Thousands ride up and down hills in freezing rain and slush

Photo from Cascade Bicycle Club via Twitter

3,700 riders rode 33 miles of long climbs on Bainbridge Island in near-freezing weather with rain and slush yesterday. The crowd was a couple thousand people short of last year’s record-breaking 6,029 people who showed up in great weather for the ride.

So how much climbing is involved on this ride? Rider kmwoley posted the data from his GPS, and the elevation graph is pretty cool.

So, thank you Chilly Hilly riders, for crushing all of our excuses for not riding today because “it’s a little drizzly.”

Did you ride? Please share in the comments.

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2 Responses to Thousands ride up and down hills in freezing rain and slush

  1. Goretex Guy says:

    The weather was so bad it was funny. I caught the 7:55 boat, and while it was cold we didn’t have rain until the midpoint. 30 knot winds could be pretty brutal near the beaches, but the trees sheltered us most of the time. I didn’t get heavy rain until the last half of the ride, but the snow and sleet was just rediculous. After the ride, standing around on the dock waiting for the ferry, totally exposed to the rain and wind was pretty bad. Can’t think of any ride worse than this one. Good thing was I never had to undo my pit zips because I never got too hot.

  2. Yeah, the theme for the day seemed to be 33:
    – 33 degrees F
    – 33 miles overall
    – 33 mph gusts

    Coincidence? ;-)

    Thanks for a great ride, Cascade – well organized and supported – best yet!


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