Bicyclist struck by Hummer on Capitol Hill

CHS reports that a bicyclist was not seriously injured after colliding with a Hummer on E Olive Way at Howell just before midnight last night. An anonymous commenter reported the following:

I heard the crash and people yelling so I went out to see what happened. It had only been about 5 minutes, but the police were already there so I listened to them interviewing people, then I talked with my friend who saw the whole thing.

It was dark and rainy and the guy on the bike had dark clothes, a black helmet and one little white flasher on the front of his bike. He was going downhill on Olive way, passing Clever Dunne’s. He said he thought the guy in the Hummer saw him. He was shaken up but appeared unhurt and was pretty mellow about the whole thing.

The guy driving the yellow Hummer H2 was going up hill fairly slowly, turning left from Olive Way onto Howell. He didn’t see the bike, which ended up mangled beneath his front bumper. Not realizing the bike was still under the truck, he started pulling forward to get out of the middle of the road.

He only made it about a foot before a crowd of 30 or so people mobbed the vehicle. They thought he was trying to flee and yanked both his doors open, dragged him bodily from the car and grabbed his keys. It looked like they were going to beat his ass, but other people in the crowd (the heroes of the day) convinced the rest to chill out.

The guy was in his early 20’s and acted like an entitled douchebag, smelled like alcohol and kept saying “…he told me if you get involved with the cops, call this lawyer.” He told police he hadn’t had anything to drink that night (perhaps that he came from a party where he’d had drinks spilled on him). He didn’t seem drunk–I assume he either blew clean or, if he had been drinking, refused the test.

I am glad the person riding the bike is okay, though his bike sounds wrecked. Anyone else witness the incident?

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  1. Kevin says:

    Stupid Hummer driver. You’re supposed to slam on the gas and plow right through the mob and then go directly to the police station, duh.

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