A note from the editor

Hello, lovely Seattle Bike Blog readers. If you live in the Central District, you may have already heard, but I am now the new editor of Central District News. I am very excited to have a chance to get closely involved with my community. Also, the commute is great. Via bicycle, I can get to any corner of the CD within minutes. That’s pretty cool.

So, what does this mean for Seattle Bike Blog? Well, probably not much. I have been writing about two posts per weekday in recent weeks, and I am confident I will be able to keep that pace going. Perhaps I won’t always break a story before other outlets in town, but let’s face it: I kind of suck at that already (yes, I know, Vulnerable User Bill, I’m getting to it…).

However, if you or anyone you know might be interested in contributing in some way to the site, shoot me an email. I have wanted different voices on the site for a while. This could be anything from journalism, photography, sketches, comics, doodles, narratives, opinion columns, videos, whatever you can think of. I can’t offer any payment, but I’ll buy you a beer/coffee.

Otherwise, keep reading and commenting! I love writing about bikes every day. You’d think it would get old (okay, maybe you wouldn’t think that). It definitely doesn’t.

Ride on,

– Tom

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