Tomorrow: Cascade Town Hall at Magnuson

Cascade Bicycle Club is holding a town hall meeting to further discuss their recent leadership shake-ups and member discontent with the conduct of the club’s Board of Directors (in case you missed it, read this). The meeting goes from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Mountaineers near Magnuson Park.

The meeting will be a chance to discuss the club’s future, goals and leadership with a little emotional distance from the original outburst of anger.

Board members will need to be ready to bring some honest, candid talk to members, who have already demonstrated their lack of patience for double-speak and half-truths. At the annual meeting, members smelled a rat when Board President Chris Weis said he and the Board never mandated that Executive Director Chuck Ayers fire Advocacy Director David Hiller. Members persisted and pushed until they finally got the truth.

After all, bike advocates are no strangers to fighting for what they think is right, and sticking with the fight until it is done. There’s no reason why Cascade leadership arguments should be any different.

Also, Cascade requests nominations and volunteers for the Board:

The board of directors requests that members submit suggested names of candidates to run for director positions to the nominating committee for consideration for inclusion on the slate of candidates for director.  Interested members should act promptly to volunteer or submit their recommendations by the end of December as the nominating committee must submit its recommended slate to the board no later than January 10, 2011.  Email your resume or recommendations to [email protected].

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