Bike Collision Roundup: Bus runs biker off the road in Ravenna

Now, for a downer of a post. These tales were self-reported to

First, one on Nov 12 involving a bus on Ravenna at Brooklyn:

At this location, there is an entire left lane dedicated to cyclists, the right lane for motor vehicles. I was riding down the left lane next to a King County Metro bus when the bus cut the corner in the road to round the bend. The bus was one of those extended ones, so it cut halfway into my lane and forced me to the curb. As I applied brakes and swerved, I hit a rough, wet part of the road covered in leaves. The bike then lost traction and I slid on the road for 5-10 feet. The bus drove on.

Second, a biker breaks a rib Oct 10 after a car turns in front of the dangerous 2nd Ave left-hand bike lane.

I was traveling south on 2nd ave in the left side bike lane. The car turned quickly left up James street with no signal or warning. the car cut me off. I hit the side of the car and fell on to the pavement below.

Third, a biker on 20th Ave NE and NE 52nd struck by car not paying any attention Nov 10.

Bicycle coming on 20th, car driving downhill on 52nd, car stopped at intersection and continued onto arterial (20th) without seeing bicycle. Cyclist shouted to driver and swerved in an attempt to advert collision but car kept accelerating until it hit bike on the side, bike and cyclist slid on the pavement and ended up just in front of car. Bruises on ankle, knee, brunt of the crash on pannier (ripped) and bike handlebars.

I’ve had a couple friends wreck or be hit by cars in the past week. Please be careful out there now that it’s darker and wetter. Slow down a little and never assume drivers are paying attention. Make eye contact with drivers whenever possible. If you get into a wreck, be sure to log the collision on BikeWise (after reporting to the police, of course).

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  1. jdg says:

    i often “own” the left hand lane on second, for the very reason ppl take “sudden” left hand turns.

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