Cranksgiving Update – Ride is Nov. 20, top prize is a night at Belltown Inn

Details on Cranksgiving 2010 in Seattle are coming together. Several people have stepped forward to make it happen on very short notice, which is great. Thanks, everyone.

Food donations are destined for the Rainier Valley Food Bank, which is doing a big pre-Thanksgiving food distribution on the 20th. The ride will likely end at Genesee Park. Riders will then be able to ride over a couple blocks to the food bank to drop the items off. This is one of the food bank’s busiest days, so they need all the donations they can get.

The ride will probably start at Cal Anderson. It should end some time in the early afternoon (perhaps around 1:30-2), so start time will probably be around noon. Madison Market (which is moving back to the name Central Co-op) is donating free reusable shopping bags to the first ten people there, so expect something of a sprint to start the ride.

The ride will end in Genesee Park. David Walls from Belltown Inn has donated a night’s stay at the inn for the first person to finish. Thanks, David! (Also, did you know Belltown Inn lends bikes to their customers for free? That’s awesome!)

Want to help out? We need someone to design a cool poster by this weekend. You have total freedom, though some ideas could include Squanto teaching the Pilgrims to ride a bike …

Other than that, I am open to any ideas you might have. Write in the comments or email me if you have an idea or want to donate a gift for participants or anything. And start spreading the word. Details will be nailed down for good in the next couple days, so check back here.

UPDATE: Capitol Hill Seattle is now sponsoring the event. Updates to come. Thanks, Justin!

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3 Responses to Cranksgiving Update – Ride is Nov. 20, top prize is a night at Belltown Inn

  1. BikingBis says:

    Nice going, Tom and Justin. Cranksgiving will be a great addition to the Seattle bike scene!

  2. Joseph Singer says:

    How about a real starting time and a confirmation of where it will start. If it’s to start at Cal Anderson park you should definitely say it’s going to start there. We need a definite location and a start time please!

    Thanks ever so!

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