Climbing lane coming soon to Taylor in Queen Anne

By the end of the week, bikers trying to scale Queen Anne Hill on their bikes will have a little more space to do it. Josh at Publicola reports that SDOT has laid down the spray paint for a climbing lane on Taylor and 5th from Mercer to Boston going uphill. The downhill direction will get sharrows.

Climbing Queen Anne Hill on a bike is a challenge, for sure (just look at the terrain map above). And of those who make it to the top without giving up and walking, we’re certainly not going to get up to a very high speed. Climbing lanes will allow riders to go whatever pace they need to make the climb not only possible, but also enjoyable.

I’ve had great times riding up (and down) Queen Anne Hill. But I have never lived or worked there. I can imagine the hill is a big deterrent to biking in that neighborhood. I doubt one climbing lane is going to change everything, but the more help the city can give, the better.

We need to have a day where all the hills in Seattle hold bike parties for those who live or work there. I am proud to be a biker in a city with such geographical challenges. It makes you confident that if you can bike in Seattle, you can bike anywhere. The hills are empowering, create incredibly rewarding views and are tons of fun to go down. When I first moved to Seattle, they scared me a bit. But now, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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  1. Rodney Dwyer says:

    Great idea. It would be great to see one that goes from Alaskan way up to first hill via Marion/Madison

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