No Ridiculous Car Trips

No ridiculous car trips from Martin Lang on Vimeo.

Totcycle linked to the video above in their thoughtful piece about the changes within Cascade Bicycle Club. It’s an example of a very positive and sometimes funny pro-bicycle campaign in Malmo Sweden.

After so much arguing over so-called road diet projects this summer, I think Seattle could use a big, happy, funny bikes campaign. The main draw of bikes, I think, is not their environmentally-friendliness or the fact they get you in shape. The best part is that they are fun. Or as Totcycle says, “For me, riding my bike feels like flying, like I’m playing my way to work…”

The phrase “playing my way to work” is a good start to a fun pro-biking campaign…

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4 Responses to No Ridiculous Car Trips

  1. Julian says:

    Thanks Tom! Full credit goes elsewhere – I think I originally read the phrase “it’s like golfing my way to work”, but I’m not that kind of dad. Yet.

  2. ecb says:

    oh my gosh. red light rails. that would be awesome. and, more than likely, it’d cut down on cyclists going through reds, because it would offer an alternative to having to dismount.

  3. Great video and great idea… glad to see it was successful for Malmo.

    But I must take some exception to the notion that “most people” can travel 5km in “less than 10 minutes”… that’s 18+mph which is significantly faster than most commuters can ride, and certainly faster than any of the people pictured in the video are riding. I hate to sound like a droopy-dog-downer but this is clearly hyperbole. That’s not to say that the average Seattle or Malmo resident couldn’t get somewhere that’s 5km away much faster in a bike than in a car… but they aren’t traveling 18+mph getting there.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Yeah … I kinda thought that was a little off when I heard it. Maybe people in Malmo are all super fit… haha.

      But yeah, the point is that it’s easier than most people think. Perhaps they should have said 15 …

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