Attend the budget meetings to support complete streets

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington urges you to show up to the city’s budget hearings and voice your support for complete streets projects. Why? Because these vital projects need funding, and funding is getting cut all over.

I began to make the case for complete streets as a cost-saving measure yesterday. Speak up and let the city government know these projects have many benefits, including potential cost savings. The first hearing is 5 p.m. tomorrow (Sept. 29) at Northgate Community Center. You can also send a letter to the City Council using this handy form.

From the Bicycle Alliance blog:

The City’s annual budget process is grinding slowly but inexorably forward. The city council is in the midst of considering next year’s spending proposals and priorities, and budget hearings are set for the evenings of Sept. 29, Oct. 13 and Oct. 29. The lobbying from various interest groups has already begun, and the council needs to hear from you.
There are two ways that you can help:

  • Send an email

Send an email to council members telling them that you support the goals of the Streets for All effort, and want to see adequate funding for the Bicycle Master Plan, the Pedestrian Master Plan, and public transit operations.  You can do so by going to the Streets for All home page and clicking on “Tell city council your stories.”

  • Attend a public hearing

Show your support by going to one of the three public hearings and speaking. Remember, attending an important public hearing is like going to the dentist: it’s not how you’d rather be spending your time, but it’s well worth the effort in the long run.

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