Last day to comment on SR 520 Seattle interchange report

Today is the last day for public comment on the SR 520 design refinements report (ESSB 6392). Above are recommended bicycle connections from the new 520 Trail to other bike facilities and transit in Seattle. As cyclists who have never used the 520 bridge due to its car-centric design, what do we want 520 connectability to look like from two wheels?

The orange line above is the concept for connecting bikes from the new 520 trail to the Burke-Gilman (and the UW light rail station). One option would be to make Shelby a “two-way separated bike boulevard.” The the other option presented would be to widen the sidewalks on Montlake Blvd.

The blue line represents connections to Lake Washington Blvd and the arboretum.

The green line should get you downtown via the Bill Dawson Trail and Boyer Ave.

That little yellowish squiggly would be a route to Capitol Hill (via 24th) that avoids Montlake Blvd.

Got comments? Submit them online or email [email protected].

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