Fiets of Parenthood: The Movie

Totcycle posted a video from Fiets of Parenthood, an event celebrating parents who bike with children held August 15 in Wallingford. Get ready for adorable overload.

The number of parents biking with their kids is one of the the best measurements of how bike-friendly a city is. Seattle has a lot of challenges for parents that some other cities do not have to deal with. The hills, clearly, make it more difficult to haul kids around as cargo, and the fact that so many of our bike routes are on busy arterial streets (as opposed to quiet bike boulevards) would make it more nerve-racking to make the jump from kids as cargo to kids riding on their own.

But it can be done! So, I salute Seattle’s biking families. Both Totcycle and Car Free Days are wonderful blogs focused mostly on the challenges and joys of biking as a family in Seattle. Check them out if this idea intrigues you (they are fascinating whether you have/want kids or not).

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