Bike lanes are in on 11th north of the University Bridge

The bike lanes have been painted on 11th through the U District. Coupled with the lanes on Roosevelt, there are now bike lanes in both directions connecting to the University Bridge. And there was much rejoicing.

This project will take bike lanes as far north as 75th. A separate project, which has been the subject of some debate and compromise, intended to extend the lanes on Roosevelt north from 75th to 115th. However, the current plans will skip 75th through 85th, picking up there and continuing to 115th (get caught up on that here).

I haven’t had a chance to ride the whole thing yet, so please leave comments if you have any thoughts on them.

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8 Responses to Bike lanes are in on 11th north of the University Bridge

  1. Zack says:

    I’ve ridden them as far north as Ravenna, and they’re a great addition. Same for the Roosevelt lanes leading down to the bridge. After a close brush with a Metro bus last month, I’m glad to see these in place.

  2. Tim K says:

    I haven’t been down there in a while — do they have a green lane in yet just south of the bridge (at Red Robin)? That’s the place that needed the infrastructure more than anywhere else in that area.

    • Andreas says:

      If you ask me, at that intersection the bike lane should either dissolve to force cyclists to merge with car traffic, and/or there should be a bike box. Simply changing the lane to green but keeping its current orientation won’t do a thing to lower the high risk of cyclists being hit by right-turning vehicles.

  3. Tim K says:

    Right… I agree, a bike box would be the best solution. However SDOT earlier in the year said a green lane was going in – so that’s what I defaulted to.

  4. Eric says:

    I ride from Downtown to Northgate every day via Eastlake and Roosevelt/11th/12th, so this is a very welcome addition. However, I strongly dislike the section on Roosevelt between 45th and the bridge. It’s downhill, next to parking w/ very frequent delivery trucks and Metro access vans, and there are many driveways. The bike lane there is just not safe. There will be collisions and injuries there.

    • eldan says:

      Agreed. I thought we were going to get more of the uphill bike lane / downhill sharrow combination, which would be much better.

  5. says:

    i agree with all comments, a welcome addition compared to to how it was before, yet seattle’s newest push for bikelanes in doorzones still continues to scares me in its short-sited-ness…

    and most especially agree with tim’s comment about south of the bridge in both directions being most dangerous. i thought the death of bryce lewis a couple years back would force positive change for this intersection but still as convoluted and unsafe as ever. southbound to capitol hill (where many students hale) forces you to cross over three lanes of traffic, northbound speed accumulation makes you a prime target for a auto-right-turn-no looker, as in how bryce died.

    does anyone know who is in charge of prioritizing bike infrastructure changes for the city or the implementation of the bike master plan?

  6. alexjonlin says:

    I actually really like the SB bike lane on Roosevelt. Of course you have to be vigilant at all the driveways, but that’s made up for by the fact that you no longer have to jockey with all the cars going along there. I’ve had a few scary experiences on that stretch of street.

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