Driver of Annoying Loud Car Attacks Biker in Cap Hill

Harvard at Denny. If a biker had the audacity to be waiting at this stop sign, it would clearly be justified to try to kill him... oh wait. Nevermind. That is insane.

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A giant douche bag in a smashed up Mazda with an annoying loud muffler got mad at a biker for no reason and swerved into him, knocking him to the ground before speeding away. The biker was not injured from the crash, which occurred August 2 around 8 p.m. near Harvard and Denny in Capitol Hill, according to the police report.

The biker was riding northbound on Harvard Ave near the shoulder when he approached a car stopped at the stop sign at Denny. Since he intended to cross Denny and continue on Harvard, the biker moved from the shoulder to the center of the lane and stopped, waiting for the car in front of him to clear the intersection so he could continue.

While waiting, the suspect pulled up behind him and started honking. The biker told police he thought the honking may have been because of his position in the traffic lane. He waved at the suspect, but then ignored his continued honking. Once the car in front of him cleared, he crossed Denny and continued riding north. The suspect’s vehicle was delayed by traffic on Denny, but quickly and loudly sped up to him as soon as it was able to make it through.

The driver then swerved at the biker, but did not make contact. The suspect and a passenger (both in their 30s) began yelling at him and calling him names. In an attempt to brace himself and back away from the suspect’s vehicle, the biker reached out and touched the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. The driver then “exploded” according to the report.

“You didn’t just touch my mirror, did you?” the driver screamed (or something with more profanity, likely). The driver then turned and accelerated into the biker, knocking him to the ground. He then threw the car into reverse and backed up quickly all the way to Denny and left the area headed west.

Luckily, the biker was not injured and his bike was not damaged. Witnesses corroborated the biker’s account. One witness saw the vehicle return to the scene of the crime and provided vehicle details, though either the license plate or the make information was wrong (the one they gave turned up as a BMW instead of a Mazda).

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