Over the weekend: Changes to Roosevelt and Jackson

This weekend was amazing for bike riding. Sure, it was sweaty, but there were so many festivals and events going on all over town. And ALL of them had impossible parking and trafic due to road closures … unless you were on bike!

However, did you know other stuff happened, too? Stories you may have missed over the weekend:

New details about the First Hill Streetcar, Jackson corridor — I’ve got concept images and a video overview of the proposed street layout for Jackson once the new streetcar is put in. Unlike Broadway and Yesler, which are supposed to get cycle tracks, Jackson is mostly sharrows with some stretches of bike lanes.

Open house today for proposed Roosevelt changes — SDOT’s proposed changes for Roosevelt between NE 75th and NE 115th will add a dedicated bike lane for uphill stretches (sharrows for the rest) and a crosswalk. Open house is from 5-7 p.m. at Fairview Christian School Auditorium, Roosevelt Way NE and NE 78th.


Ever heard of Mara Abbott? — An Adventure Called Bicycling thinks you should. She just became the first American to win the Giro Donne, but no one cares because they’re so focused on what Lance had for breakfast.

Mad Fiber is making unique high-end wheels in Fremont — From Andrew at Bike Hugger. I don’t think I will be able to afford them in my lifetime, but they sound cool. And they’re made just down the hill from my house.

A gas-powered bike? — An old post from Velotopia, but I’m just now reading it. I think I am offended. I am going to meditate on this and write at length later.

Seattle gets $2.4M in Transit Livability Grants — Always nice to get federal money. From the Transit Blog.

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