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Seattle Bike Blog and BikeIndex partner to provide Seattle stolen bike listings

I am excited to announce a new feature on Seattle Bike Blog designed to battle bike theft and help reconnect people with their stolen rides. We have partnered with BikeIndex.org to create a listing of stolen bikes in the Seattle … Continue reading

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KOMO: Police recover Australian couple’s touring bikes and equipment stolen in Mount Vernon

This is a wonderful outcome to a huge bummer of a story: Mount Vernon Police tracked down a married couple who stole a pair of fully-loaded touring bikes back in August. The bikes belonged to Anna Suthers and Billy Barnetson, … Continue reading

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Jaywork: Ever had a bike stolen? You’re not alone. Here’s what probably happened to it

Casey Jaywork has a great story in the most recent Seattle Met focusing on the apparently growing scourge of bike theft in Seattle. He talks to police, he talks to a bike theft tracking expert, he talks to a bike … Continue reading

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Someone keeps stealing from Bike Works, so now they’re low on BMX bikes

Bike theft sucks, but stealing from Bike Works? That’s seriously messed up. Unfortunately, some person (or persons) missing a moral compass has been hitting Bike Works hard this past week, stealing as many as 20 bikes that young bike repair … Continue reading

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Sign advertising ‘Bike Thief School’ directs interested students to vasectomy clinic

Here’s one way to vent some frustration over the bike theft scourge: Humor. Washington Bike Law (a Seattle Bike Blog sponsor) posted this photo on their Facebook page. Stapled to a telephone pole in West Seattle, the flyer advertises a … Continue reading

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Bicycle Pull-Apart owner: ‘I have always followed the letter of the law’

Eric Patchen didn’t build up credit, and he didn’t inherit a lot of money. So when he wanted to start a bike shop in Belltown, he did it without loans. “I did it on my own,” Patchen said. “I put … Continue reading

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Marysville Police recover dozens of allegedly stolen bikes, check if they have yours

The Marysville Police Department recently recovered around 60 bikes from a home on 81st Place NE, where they believe a man was trading methamphetamine and heroine for stolen bikes. KOMO went to the suspect’s home and interviewed him, and he … Continue reading

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