Spotted in Albany, Oregon: Car 1 : 0 Dog. Car 1 : 0 Cat. Car ? : ? Kid

IMG_0118 copyRIP Gusty and Jane.

IMG_0119 copy

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4 Responses to Spotted in Albany, Oregon: Car 1 : 0 Dog. Car 1 : 0 Cat. Car ? : ? Kid

  1. ScottA says:

    There was a similar sign on 39th Ave S. near Rainier a few months ago where a distraught family wrote about their dog being killed by a car. Even had flowers and dog toys next to it. This is the same family that let the dog roam free (bad enough) and poop wherever it wanted (they would just let the dog leave the apartment – some people are at least near their unleashed dog). The sign claimed their dog could have been their child. I tried to relate but if they let a little kid wander the neighborhood at all hours then bad things will happen.

    • CascadianBlue says:

      We should live in a city where parents don’t have to worry about their children being casually killed by strangers in heavy machinery.

      • JN says:

        We should also live in a city where parents and pet owners recognize the dangers of the real world and behave accordingly.

  2. Steve A says:

    Slow bike news day in Seattle?

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