Council committee recommends rule changes to allow bike share

Approximate initial launch areas (exact boundaries and station locations are TBD)

Approximate initial launch areas (exact boundaries and station locations are TBD)

The city took another step towards the launch of Puget Sound Bike Share Tuesday. The City Council Transportation Committee unanimously approved rules changes creating a permitting process for bike share stations and helmet vending kiosks in city Urban villages, urban centers and major institutions.

This move brings the bike share one small step closer to reality as the changes move to the full Council for a vote.

During the meeting, PSBS Director Holly Houser also provided more details about the system roll-out, and included the organization’s hope to launch the system in spring 2014. The exact station location details will go to the permitting office likely in 2014 and will involve public outreach to get feedback.

Councilmember Bruce Harrell, who said he is very excited about the system, made sure to confirm with Houser that the city would have the power to revoke a permit if that particular location was not working well. It will.


Houser also gave a little more insight into how the helmet vending system will work. When checking out a bike at a kiosk, users will be asked if they need a helmet. If so, they will pay for it and then the code they are given to check out a bike will also be usable at the helmet machine. She also said return receptacles will be included at stations. The helmets returned will be picked up daily, washed, inspected and returned to use.

You can watch the discussion and Houser’s presentation via Seattle Channel (starts at 39:00):

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4 Responses to Council committee recommends rule changes to allow bike share

  1. Al Dimond says:

    That title really got my hopes up…

  2. Northwest says:

    As an avid cyclist, this make me upset to my stomach to think that the city will waste it’s taxpayers money on such a project. Sharing helmets is gross. This program is already a failure in New York. I would rather see these funds go to more bike racks, greenways, and signs, etc.. Please Seattle, don’t do this.

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