Check out Velo’s new location and get free breakfast tomorrow + A look at ViaBike

859727_588157861212119_1873610077_oVelo Bike Shop opened in it’s new location in the new Via6 building in the Denny Triangle this week after many years on Capitol Hill.

To celebrate, Via6 is hosting its second Breakfast Via Bike event Thursday morning. Roll up to McGraw Square at 5th and Olive between 7:30 and 10 a.m. for a free breakfast from Skillet. All just for biking to work. Not a bad deal.

Via6 is a huge new apartment, condo and retail project at 6th and Lenora. With 650 units, the project is actively courting bike-riding folks to be part of what they are calling a “vertical neighborhood.”

In addition to courting Velo Bike Shop to move there, the building also boasts showers and secure bike parking for non-residents who join their ViaBike club. The building has 200 secure bike parking spots, easy worktime repair drop-offs at Velo and even a bike wash.

Here are the details on ViaBike:

ViaBike by tfooq

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3 Responses to Check out Velo’s new location and get free breakfast tomorrow + A look at ViaBike

  1. Gary says:

    A free breakfast is nice, but I’ve eaten before I left home for the ride to work. Otherwise I bonk on the way in..

  2. dylan says:

    I didn’t see them when I rode by at 9. Bummer.

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