Charges: Heroin-smoking woman tries to run down biking off-duty cop

In charging documents filed Wednesday in King County Superior Court, Taylor Jane Betts was accused of trying to run down an off-duty cop who, while biking, pulled up to Betts’ car window to tell her and her passengers to stop smoking heroin.

The officer told investigators people often use drugs in the area near N 140th St and Corliss Ave N., close to his home. He biked up to the car and saw a passenger allegedly smoking from a piece of foil, according to the charging documents. When he knocked on the window, Betts got a bit angry and yelled at him to get away from the car.

The officer told Betts to leave the area, to which Betts allegedly threatened to kill him. She then drove down the street and turned around. She then allegedly tried to hit the officer, who was able to move behind a parked car and was not injured.

He took note of the license plate, which led police to Betts. She admitted to police that she was there smoking, but accused the officer of hitting her car with his bike. She also denied making threats.

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  1. Tall Bryan says:

    Any word on the officer’s name?

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