Chief Sealth Trail extention will help connect from Othello station to SoDo, Capitol Hill

Paving is complete for the north extension of the Chief Sealth Trail on Beacon Hill. Work is still needed to make curbs and ramps. The trail will end at 15th Ave S a couple blocks south of the new climbing lane installed on 15th, which stretches north just past Beacon Ave.

The trail’s south end reaches just a few blocks from the Othello light rail station (UPDATE: It actually goes all the way to Kubota Gardens after a short break near Othello). So the climbing lane on 15th and trail extension should provide an easy route from Brighton to SoDo (via Beacon Ave) and Capitol Hill (via 12th).

From SDOT:

A contractor working for the Seattle Department of Transportation is extending the north end of the Chief Sealth Trail on Beacon Hill.

There will be intermittent traffic restrictions through mid November on S Angeline Street (east of 15th Avenue S), S Ferdinand Street (between 17th Avenue S and 19th Avenue S), Columbia Drive S (between S Ferdinand Street and S Pearl Street) and Beacon Avenue S (curb lane only between S Bennett and S Ferdinand streets).

Construction crews have completed paving the trail with asphalt. Some minor concrete paving (curb bulbs and curb ramps), storm drainage, permanent signage and bollard installation, hydroseeding and cleanup work remains.

The trail is being extended within Seattle City Light transmission corridor from the intersection of Beacon Way South and South Dawson Street to a point near the intersection of South Angeline Street and 15th Avenue South.

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3 Responses to Chief Sealth Trail extention will help connect from Othello station to SoDo, Capitol Hill

  1. Alex says:

    The south end of the trail actually goes to Kubota Gardens in Upper Rainier Beach. It goes very close to both the Othello and Rainier Beach light rail stops.

    There is a section of the trail that goes through the New Holly housing development on city streets though.

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